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Free Website Features


Ultra-Responsive Design

All of our Websites are 100% responsive, so your members’ sites will look beautiful on everything from a big desktop monitor all the way down to a little smartphone screen.


Rackspace Cloud Hosting

We host your members’ sites on the Rackspace Cloud – the single most reliable hosting platform in the U.S.  So your entire Website system is built on the best infrastructure in the industry.


Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Each Website comes equipped with a Control Panel that lets your members easily edit their own text and photos anytime they want – using any kind of device they want.


Social Media Integration

Your members can link every page of their sites to their social media profiles, giving their clients easy access to things like Facebook specials, YouTube videos, etc.


Local Tech Support

Anytime your members have a question about their Website, they can simply ask our friendly local tech support and we’ll make sure their issue gets resolved 100% of the time.


Spam-Proof Contact Form

Each Free Website comes with a Contact Form that uses Google’s “captcha” technology to block 99%+ of spam. So your members will only receive legitimate messages from their sites.


Specialized Page Types

Each Free Website comes with special page types that make it easy to display specific information. A few examples are the “Services & Rates”, “Hours”, and “Contact Me” pages.


Unlimited Photo Upload

Your members can upload an unlimited number of photos to personalize their Free Websites. So they can add photos of their workplace, themselves, or anything else they want.

Example Premium Website Upgrades


Google Local Listing

With this optional upgrade, we help your members create a local listing for their business on Google. Then we help them get reviews and improve their search engine ranking over time.


Unlimited Designs

This upgrade lets your members upload any photo they want as the “background” for their Website. So they can quickly and easily create an unlimited number of unique designs.


Email Marketing System

We’ve built our own “set it and forget it” email marketing system, so your members can stay in touch with their clients on a regular basis without even having to think about it.


Custom Domain Name

With this upgrade your members can choose any domain name they want for their Website. And if they already own a domain name, we will help them get it connected to their new site.

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