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Imagine: A Free Website for All of Your Members

As an association executive, you know that keeping your members renewing with you is absolutely critical to your bottom line. And the single best way to maximize your retention is by adding continual value to your members’ careers.

AWP has invented a brand new way for you to dramatically improve your member retention (and member happiness). It’s simple – we add a new “Free Website” benefit to your association’s membership package. So all of your members get a beautiful modern Website just for being part of your association – 100% free of charge.

How does the Free Website benefit improve your retention? Well, if any of your members let their membership/certification with you expire, then we automatically shut down their Free Website until they renew with you. So your association will be hooked into your members’ businesses at a much deeper level than you are today.

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Example Free Website Designs

Our Free Website Features


Ultra-Responsive Design

All of our Websites are 100% responsive, so your members’ sites will look beautiful on everything from a big desktop monitor all the way down to a little smartphone screen.


Rackspace Cloud Hosting

We host your members’ sites on the Rackspace Cloud – the single most reliable hosting platform in the U.S.  So your entire Website system is built on the best infrastructure in the industry.


Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Each Website comes equipped with a Control Panel that lets your members easily edit their own text and photos anytime they want – using any kind of device they want (computer, tablet or smartphone).


Local Tech Support

Anytime your members have a question about their Website, they can simply ask our friendly local tech support and we’ll make sure their issue gets resolved 100% of the time.

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What Our Association Partners Are Saying

Peter Brennan, AMTA Operations Manager

“Over 13,000 AMTA members have quickly and easily built their own Free Websites using AWP’s Free Website benefit. Our members love their Websites, and AWP’s customer support takes excellent care of our people, strengthening both our member relationships and our brand.”

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